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Life Lies

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As a youth, when you’re told that your mom should have crossed her legs and broke your neck when she was giving birth to you, you have a tendency to believe that your existence is a mistake. When you are told that you don’t deserve to breathe the same air as normal people, you naturally feel worthless and powerless.  Ironically though, after a life of murder, prison, and other survival-induced traumas that resulted in blood and sirens, you come to learn that true power comes from knowing of, not believing in, the things that you cannot see.

Cha-Chi Simmons, once an occupant of Angola State Penitentiary, known as the bloodiest prison in the nation, has amazingly defied the gravity of the stigma “convicted felon“ and has transitioned into a life-preserving college instructor and award-winning community activist and leader. Cha-Chi’s book, Life Lies, allows the turbulences of his life’s experiences to become a blueprint for fallen kings with broken souls, to survive and succeed in a world seemingly plagued with the destination of failure. Now more than ever, recognizing your worth and power is the only defense that you possess against these revolting times which has robbed us of our morals and human cohesiveness.

“Finding yourself in seemingly frivolous conditions has an accumulative purpose; one that is not recognized until your final destination.” Cha-Chi Simmons

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  1. Tori Elder Tori Elder

    I finally got around to downloading Life Lies about a week ago and that night, I sat down to read it, thinking no way was I going to be able to finish it in one sitting. As tired as I was and knowing I had to get up in the morning to work, I read the whole thing. I don’t think I slept a wink that night, this book was so powerful. I stayed up all night thinking about everything that Cha-Chi had to say in this book. I’ll really have to read it again to truly process the whole message. I’m looking forward to more. I would love to see a complete autobiography. 100% recommend!

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