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  • Twitter: @chachisimmons
  • Facebook: @chachisimmonspage
  • LinkedIn: Cha-Chi Simmons
  • Instagram: @chachisimmons

Author Bio

Cha-Chi Simmons is a native of Lafayette, Louisiana. He is also a formerly incarcerated person who endured a lengthy prison sentence as well as difficult parole. He has never forgotten the mental, physical, and spiritual strength that he had to acquire to survive the trepidation of incarceration. From this strength, he has been able to keep a promise to himself, his mom, and his God to do his part in halting mass incarceration. He is a community activist who currently sits on the Community Relations Committee with LPD, where he offers advice on how to approach certain situations in underserved communities. He often goes back into prisons to empower and instruct those still in confinement of how he turned his weaknesses into strengths, mistakes into lessons, and lessons into success. He is a college welding instructor as well as a college student, with goals to become a life coach and counselor. Cha-Chi is also a certified personal trainer whose passion for health and fitness began in prison as a method of survival. Now, he’s a successful owner of Correxercise, a health and fitness company that is geared towards self-preservation and longevity.

Product Info

  • Title: Life Lies
  • Author: Cha-Chi Simmons
  • Publisher: Cheno Publishing
  • Date of Publication: Aug. 3, 2020
  • Retail Price $11.95 (Paperback), $4.95 (Ebook)
  • Pages: 142

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